coaching for companies

What does Coaching for Companies at MindSpire entail?                                                                           Individual coaching sessions, complete and impartial attention.  This can be in person, via Skype or via telephone. The first couple of sessions are always in person (or via Skype), after that sessions can be held on the phone. The intensity and frequency are established in agreement with the wishes of the client.

MindSpire Coaching provides a safe place where individuals can talk about their challenges and opportunities in a confidential environment. The aim is to stimulate both personal and professional growth as both areas have an effect on the other.

During times of change, coaching allows individuals to openly share their concerns and gain a different, objective perspective to bring back into the workplace. Often just having a safe, objective person to listen to concerns helps people feel better and thus raises morale.

An important part of our coaching is to help individuals realize their own role in any situation,  reducing any feelings of being victimized and serving to see problems from a point of “how can I solve this” instead of “why is this happening to me”.


What are some results of coaching?  

Better work satisfaction, more productivity, better self confidence, less stress, more inner calm, better relationships, ability to see both sides of a problem.


Products/ reasons for coaching:      

Most of our products can be custom built according to the demands of the company or the situation at hand.  Please talk to us about your wishes and we will try to accommodate you. These are some of the forms and reasons for coaching at MindSpire:

  • Continuous coaching for managers where the coach is used regularly or intermittently  as an impartial sounding board, providing a context and a safe environment for the manager to discuss the specific challenges that come with the responsibilities of managerial work.
  •  A limited number of sessions for an employee or manager in response to a specific situation. Having a look from a new perspective can change a situation from being nonproductive to becoming an opportunity for growth.
  • As a matter of appreciation and/or support of an employee or manager who wants to explore what his or her drive really is. It can also be used to prepare for an annual appraisal, the aim being clarifying what direction the employee or manager really wants to move in before you start investing in long term plans that are not fully grounded.
  • Re-integration after sickness or other reasons for absence from the work environment. Getting used to the work process can be a tall order if you have been away for a while. It is not always obvious to co-workers and managers of an individual that is re-integrating how things are going. Coaching can assist in the process by keeping close tabs on how the individual is adapting to the situation and give him or her tools to keep the scales in balance, preventing any set backs from resulting in a return to the old situation.