Individual Coaching

Why Coaching?

Let’s be honest, life can throw some difficult stuff our way. We want something but get something completely different. Or we get what we wanted but it turns out not to be what we thought it would be like. Big and small events in our lives can throw us off balance, making us feel like we’ve ended up in a negative spiral where proof of our misery is evident everywhere we look.

Give yourself the chance to find out what makes you tick and what makes you stop ticking. Find out where your true passion lies, what it is like to have peace of mind and how you can enjoy life more, no matter what life is up to.


What is coaching at MindSpire?

During a coaching session we take a close look at what’s going on in your life in whatever area is most important to you.  By providing you with a few tools to navigate life and its curve balls, you’ll be able to enjoy your everyday life more,  noticing effects in other area’s of your life as well. It is called transformative coaching; the goal is to give you a toolbox that works for your entire life, not just for the specific problem at hand. So you can get out of the spiral and on with your life, enjoying the freedom to make productive choices that you, as well as those around you, benefit from.


Useful information

MindSpire coaching is for ages 18 to 99.

The sessions are 1 – 1,5 hours. Depending on your specific situation 3 – 10 sessions may be needed, this is always a mutual decision between the client and the coach.

Fee: 60 euro’s/hour

Location: Voortsweg 133 in Enschede , via Skype, or at an other agreed upon location. For sessions in person outside Enschede an additional travel fee is added.

Please see conditions and terms for more details.

Please note that coaching generally is not reimbursed by Dutch insurance companies.


This is what some people found to be good reasons to be coached:

“I feel stuck, I can’t seem to get on with my life.”

“Something that happended in the past seems to be holding be back, stopping me from enjoying my life.”

“I’m pretty happy, but I still feel that there must be more than this.”

“I’m not happy at work/in my spare time/ in my relationship and I don’t know what to do to change it.”

“I’m just not good enough. I feel stressed all the time and seem to come short at work and at home.”

“Everybody has it together except me, I feel like such a loser!”

“I don’t really have a problem but I’m curious wether I could feel better and enjoy life more.”

“It seems like it’s always the same old story, first everything is really good and then…”