About Mindspire

Hi, my name is Suzie Roelofs!

I am a coach as well as an occupational therapist. Originally from Sweden, in 2000 I moved to the Netherlands where I now live with my husband and two children.

For a long time I searched for ways to create more peace and happiness in my life. I definitely thought I needed to be fixed, repaired if you will,  in order to be an ok human. I read a library of books and took many courses. All this reading and learning seemed to lead to more reading and learning. Then I got in touch with the three principles through Michael Neill, an American coach. Through this understanding of how the mind works I found that the answers always lie within and that we all have access to it if we know where to look. The reading kept me searching so it served a purpose, but now I read because I enjoy it, my searching is done. At this time in my life I feel like the solid ground I sought has finally been revealed to me. Life happens to all of us but if your grounding in yourself is good, it’s so much easier to roll with the punches.  From this solid ground I very much enjoy assisting other people finding their own higher ground. I’ve been very inspired by people like Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Sydney Banks en Michael Neill, people who seem to live and breathe what they talk about.  These people have been vital sign posts on my journey home.

My passion is to help people see that they have it in them to get more out of life and that we always have the chance to start a new.

I would love to see you for an inspired conversation about whatever is important to you at this time in your life,

Suzie completed coachingprograms at ACC Nederland, participated in the workshop and masterclass Coaching from the Inside Out with Michael Neill in London, is a certified EFT therapist and uses different modalities of coaching and other approaches as it applies to the client. Suzie became an occupational therapist in Sweden in 1992 and has since practised in Sweden, the U.S. and the Netherlands. Coaching sessions are offered in English, Swedish and Dutch.